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Talent Sourcing

Discover more passive and active candidates while searching and easily importing millions of social profiles and fresh resumes from one central platform.

Integrated Sourcing

Search and import resumes from your favorite career sites and discover new candidates with dozens of integrated free and paid sourcing partners.


Engage step-by-step boolean web searches to locate elusive passive candidates by targeted keywords.


Search Free and Paid Resume Sites

Look for new candidates by matching your specific requirements over dozens of free and paid resume sites.

Import and Parse
Resume Files

Pull candidate profiles from almost anywhere and automatically parse into pre-set and custom data fields.  

Match Candidates to Multiple Jobs

Match candidates by skill set to internal roles and external job on the open web and ramp up your business development efforts.

Linkedin Search and Parsing

Search for the best skill sets on LinkedIn and automatically parser profiles for better organization across the recruiting ecosystem.

Inbound Email 
Resume Parser

Resumes arriving in your inbox from candidates and vendors are auto-parsed and assigned to jobs for easy future reference and filtered searches. 

Grab Profiles from the Open Web

Grab profiles and parse resumes from the open internet without ever leaving your browser. (Currently offered to Google Chrome users only).



Job Order Marketing

Auto-Post to 100+ Popular Job Boards 

Reach 4000+ Industry Career Sites 

The Recruiter Works Agile RPO automates job order marketing to hundreds of the best digital advertising venues on the web. Take advantage of sponsored posting to 100+ popular job boards and social media posting to 100k+ channels targeted by demographics and internet behaviors.

True Social Sourcing


Reach Target Demographics by Interest, Location, and Behaviors 


Broadcast to 100K Twitter Channels with Job-Oriented Hashtags 


Social Enable Application Process and Parsing 



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Let us help you centralize your sourcing activities and find more candidates, faster and more effectively. 

Harness the full power of your sourcing efforts with unified resume and profile searching and advanced job marketing features...


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