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RPO Assessment and Action Plan

What are the pain points and opportunities for innovation within your current recruitment process?

RPO Assessment






Action Plan


The RPO Assessment reveals hidden obstacles blocking the path to your hiring goals and helps build the foundation for applying our series of recruitment solutions to create an Adaptive Recruitment Strategy.


Starting with your core values, we identify primary hiring goals while uncovering the key vulnerabilities and capabilities affecting your current recruitment practices. With these new insights, we craft an agile strategy for resolving your pain points and taking advantage of opportunities for innovation. 

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The Action Plan


After working closely with our customers to establish goals and objectives for their recruitment strategies, our team of talent acquisition strategists submit a comprehensive assessment report which includes recommendations for adopting next level hiring practices

Ongoing Self-Optimization

The information presented in our reports gives you complete transparency and can subsequently enhance your ongoing, performance-optimizing strategy.

Guided Optimization

Effectively plan recruitment campaigns while optimizing behavior with our enterprise software and ongoing consultation with out talent acquisition strategists. 

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Flex RPO: On Demand Hiring


Expand hiring capacity quickly 

Reduce scale when needed

Share recruitment resources 

Increase security

Enhance flexibility  

Trade CapEx for OpEx




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