Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Create email marketing campaigns for both candidates and clients.

Automate communications with your team and all points of contact.


Email marketing provides an effective connection with your targeted audience and gives you the best return on investment. Reach out to your current and potential candidates or clients and keep them updated on your company’s latest recruitment offerings.



Automate Engagement Strategy

Increase engagement by scheduling regular email updates to your candidates and clients, keeping all audiences informed about you most recent recruitment activities.

Job Alerts

Match your requirements to new candidates and update them about your latest job offers. Attached job orders to every email so candidates can apply directly on your career site. 

Candidate Marketing

Hiring Managers always want to know about top talent. Match your candidates to job orders on the open web and suggest them to prospective clients. Keep your current customers in the loop when new resumes cross your path.

Tracking & Reporting

Monitor the success of your email campaigns. Discover which candidate segments frequently apply to job alerts. Let clients browse, rate, and inquire about new candidates in your pipeline. 

Employers are always looking for the best talent, give them more choices and you'll see results.

Nearly 70% of the workforce would consider changing jobs.

Why not tell them about your latest offers?

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Let us help you boost your recruitment brand with automated email marketing

Boost your brand with email marketing specifically designed for the agile recruitment process.


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