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Scalable at any level, our talent acquisition solutions focus on digital automation, coupled with people analytics and team collaboration to enhance the recruitment process for both clients and candidates.

Recruitment CRM 

Relationship Management for recruitment lifecycle. Nurture and maintain strong relationships with automated workflow to engage candidates, clients, and vendors.

Workflow Automation

Integrate your sales, recruitment, and sourcing workflow in one unified platform with automated activities for communications, opportunities,, scheduling, and more. 

Hiring Insights

Measure key indicators and use HR and recruiting metrics to make more informed hiring decisions with robust reports and pre-built analytics.

Email Marketing

Create email marketing campaigns for both candidates and clients to automate and improve communications with your team and all points of contact.

Job Board Aggregation 

There's no need to subscribe to you own posting plans with automatic sponsorship to hundreds of Popular Job Boards and many more Industry Career Sites.

Responsive Career Sites

Increase your application funnel, promote your employer brand, and improve ROI with a full featured mobile responsive career platforms.

Talent Sourcing 

Discover more passive and active candidates while searching and easily importing millions social profiles and fresh resumes from one place.

Mobile Recruiting

Reach more applicants on all their devices with our easy mobile responsive application process.


Evaluate candidates and improve retention, productivity, company culture with background screening, assessments and more.

Social Reach

Find fresh candidates and more of the best talent with targeted social media across thousands of automated channels.


Simplify documentation and paperwork with in-line candidate forms and automated data fields.

Back Office

Maximize cashflow lifecycle with in-line invoicing and time card management.

What are the pain points and opportunities for innovation within your current recruitment process?

The RPO Assessment reveals hidden obstacles blocking the path to your hiring goals and helps build the foundation for applying our series of recruitment solutions.

Adaptive Talent Cloud

On Demand

Expand and reduce recruitment resources

of Scale

Share in our knowledge and recruitment resources 



Constantly updated recruitment technologies 

The RPO Assessment reveals hidden obstacles blocking the path to your hiring goals and helps build the foundation for applying our series of recruitment solutions to create an Adaptive Recruitment Strategy.

Starting with your core values, we identify primary hiring goals while uncovering the key vulnerabilities and capabilities affecting your current recruitment practices. With these new insights, we craft an agile strategy for resolving your pain points and taking advantage of opportunities for innovation. 

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