Applicant Tracking + Job Marketing
Improve Brand Awareness
Automate the Hiring Process

Next Level Recruiting

Applicant Tracking
Recruitment CRM
Capture job seekers on their mobile devices
Responsive design across all web platforms
Job Campaigns
Applicant Tracking
Recruitment CRM
One-Click Apply and Parse from Social Media
Auto-Tweet to 100K Targeted Twitter Channels
Linkedin Job Slot Rotations
True Social Recruiting
Applicant Tracking
Recruitment CRM

Recruitment CRM

Nurture leads and forecast pipelines with custom sales processes that automatically flow to your team members.

RPO and Sourcing

Align your talent acquisition process with your enterprise goals while discovering highly qualified candidates.

Applicant Tracking

Automate workflow throughout the entire recruitment cycle while strengthening candidate and client relationships.

Professional SEO services

Flex RPO: On Demand Hiring Solutions

Scalable at any level, our talent acquisition solutions focus on digital automation, coupled with people analytics and team collaboration to enhance the recruitment process for both clients and candidates.

Source - Reach New Candidates

Recruit - Reduce Time-to-Hire and Improve ROI

Hire - Easily On-Board Top Talent 

Flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing for All Levels

Our adaptive series of hiring solutions, scalable for any size organization.

Capture more candidates with our quick and easy mobile responsive application process

Evaluate potential employees and improve retention, productivity, company culture and more.

Reach more of the best talent with targeted campaigns across thousands of channels

Increase your application funnel and promote employer brands with a full career platform

Simplify the documentation process with in-line forms and automated data fields

Create email marketing campaigns for both candidates and clients.